What is the difference between a commercial treadmill and a home treadmill?

Update:18 Mar 2021

Commercial fitness equipment is definitely different from home fitness equipment. Commercial fitness equipment is used frequently and has a wider audience, so the performance requirements of commercial equipment will be higher. The following points are commercial fitness equipment and home fitness equipment. difference.

1. Different requirements

Commercial treadmills require high durability, excellent quality and strength in use. The requirements for quality and durability of the home treadmill version are not as high as those of commercial treadmills.

2. Different structure

One of the most significant differences between commercial and home use is that commercial treadmills are all non-foldable structures, while home treadmills or some light commercial treadmills are foldable structures.

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3. The length of use is different

Commercial treadmills need to run for a long time. For example, the treadmills in the gym run for more than ten hours a day. They do not have excellent quality and durability. Under such high-intensity use, they will often fail, and it will not take long replace.

The use time of the home treadmill is not continuous, does not need to run for a long time, and has a long service life.

4. Different sizes

Generally, the width of the running belt of commercial treadmills above 50cm is better, and the ones below this size can only be classified as household or light commercial use.

The treadmill used in the gym is different from the treadmill used at home and is called a commercial treadmill. In addition to the difference in size, the main difference lies in the motor. The motor used in commercial treadmills is an AC motor, which has a long continuous start-up time. Suitable for the actual use of the gym.