How to choose a home treadmill according to the configuration?

Update:02 Apr 2021

In terms of configuration, we must select a suitable treadmill according to the user's body condition and frequency of use. The following indicators need to be paid attention to when buying a treadmill:

1. Continuous horsepower of treadmill

The treadmill motor is the most expensive and most critical part. We will give you a reference value for the continuous horsepower of the motor: one horsepower can provide a load of 50~65 kg, so it is recommended that the continuous output power of the home treadmill should be controlled at Between 1-1.5; if the weight is a little over 150 kg, you can consider between 1.5-2.5. Many motor parameters on the Internet are false standards, so be careful when choosing them.

2. Width of running belt

The width of the running belt must not be ignored, but it must not be pursued blindly. The wider one occupies more space and the narrower exercise has limitations. Therefore, we have to decide according to the actual situation of the user. A weight is only 110 kg and a height of 165, 45 cm. Left or right is enough! But if you weigh 180 kg and your height is 178, you should choose 48cm or more.

The following is a reference value: the width of the running belt of a general treadmill is 42cm (for students and women), 45cm (for home use, public standards, not suitable for too fat), 48cm (high cost-effective home, suitable for people with a certain height and weight), 50cm -52cm (High configuration, unless the weight is more than 100kg, there is no need to question it at all. You can run as you like on this, 52cm is even more enjoyable!)

3. The treadmill is shock-absorbing and silent

Many people will ask which brand of treadmill is good for shock absorption. In fact, the shock absorption of treadmills within 3000 is similar, and the ones that can be bought at this price are basically domestic. To tell the truth, although the domestically produced shock absorption is not very outstanding, the overall cost performance is still relatively high. If you are not overweight and have a limited budget, you can use it 4-5 times a week, and you can choose domestic products! In this regard, we should not think too much about perfection. What you pay for is not a blow to everyone, think so. Next, if the shock absorption at this price is perfect, how can high-end products be mixed, right? Brands such as Akcome, Reebok, Qiaoshan, and Zhenglun do well in terms of shock absorption.

As for the mute effect, some brands are still doing better. Do you think it is possible to achieve complete mute? The motor starts to drive the pimp, and it is impossible to completely mute. It can only be said that it depends on how the brand is controlled. A good brand can be controlled at 60 decibel about.

4. Control panel

The control panel is directly related to the sense of experience. I have to mention that for simple running, the panel does not need to be too fancy. If you want to enhance the sense of running experience, you can add an LCD screen, which can be connected to the Internet, can be smart touch, and video. If the treadmill has multiple operating functions and uses, the experience will be higher. Are there any such treadmills? Yes! But generally in the high-end range, between 5,000 and 10,000. If the price is around 3000, just look at the practicality. The panel is easy to operate and the buttons are sensitive. Many of the home treadmills are pure running. The screen is mainly used to display data. The function is too fancy to buy. It's not necessary.

5. After sale

The reason why after-sales is listed is to make everyone eye-catching. After-sales are very important and extremely important! When you choose, you can check online, Dobby, and review. There is always no harm.

Three, weight choose horsepower, running belt width

Weight 60 kg, running belt around 45cm, 1 motor (continuous horsepower, the same below)

This type of partner configuration can be slightly lower, so the horsepower of the motor is more than 1P. The running belt does not need to be too wide, about 45CM is completely enough. If you want a higher comfort, the running belt can be appropriately increased.

Weight 90 kg, 48CM running belt, 1.5-hp motor
Weight over 90 kg, running belt over 50 cm, at least 1.5 horsepower motor

The above is the key to purchasing a home treadmill. For those with higher height and fatter weight, it is recommended to choose the panel for simple operation and not fancy functions. The running belt is wider, the horsepower is sufficient, and the shock absorption is slightly better. It's okay to choose a brand for a weight of 130 kg, and the configuration is enough. It depends on the user's environment and conditions. Of course, the after-sales service is very important and very important!