What equipment do you need for a home gym?

Update:22 Jan 2022

Fitness has become a hot topic in today's society. Now people's living standards are high, they eat well all day, and then they can't keep up with the amount of exercise, which has created a large number of fat people. Now people pay more and more attention to their health, and many people run Go to the gym, but not everyone has this condition. We might as well build a set of fitness equipment in our own home. We can exercise when we are free, and the effect is the same as that of the gym outside.

To do this well, you need to consider two basic points.
- One center: what is your purpose (or what training style you want to use)

Two basic points: input and space.

The investment includes the money you will spend to buy equipment, as well as the time you will spend in this "gym" in the future, etc.; the space includes the space where your equipment and props are placed, the space for your activities, the floor, and so on.

I have many years of fitness experience myself, and I have too many experiences about running a "small gym" at home (moved more than a dozen times when I was abroad, and fitness equipment is a must). This article picks up recent experiences, one bad, one good, and some online shopping experiences for reference.

Home fitness equipment configuration: treadmill, sit-up frame, dumbbells, arm bars, abdominal muscle rollers.

1. Treadmill. We use the treadmill for aerobic exercise, which can fully reduce fat and improve our overall muscle compactness.

2. Crunches. The sit-up frame can exercise our abdominal muscles, waist strength and pectoral muscles.

3. Dumbbells. Dumbbells have many uses, not only to train our biceps and triceps, but also to exercise our chest muscles.

4. Arm stick. The role of the arm bar is obvious, it is used to exercise our arm strength.

5. Abs roller. The abdominal muscle roller is simple and practical, low cost, suitable for exercising our arm strength, leg strength, abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles, with many benefits.

Except for the treadmill, all the above equipments cost less. We can afford it, we have set up a small gym, we can exercise actively, and let us have a good body.