The difference between commercial fitness equipment and home fitness equipment

Update:15 Jan 2022

With the rise of fitness equipment, the styles are also various, and it is also divided into commercial fitness equipment and household equipment. So, what are the main differences between the two?

In simple terms, commercial fitness equipment is mainly used in "commercial gyms", clubs, training centers, hotel gyms, etc. Commercial fitness equipment is characterized by "heavy duty". Compared with home fitness equipment and general fitness equipment, commercial fitness equipment can withstand greater weight and last longer.

1. From the perspective of product power, because commercial fitness equipment must run 24 hours a day, gyms and families have different power requirements for fitness equipment. Most high-quality commercial treadmills require a special, dedicated outlet. Electricity usage is also an important consideration when considering electricity bills.

2. From the perspective of service life

Commercial equipment materials will be more careful consideration of durability and wear resistance. Commercial fitness equipment is generally found in gyms, so they are designed to be used 24 hours a day, and a good fitness machine can withstand hours of daily exercise by decades of different exercisers.

3. From the perspective of product materials

The "heavy" materials used in commercial fitness equipment are made of better materials. The materials used in general fitness equipment are light and thin. Commercial fitness equipment is made of higher quality materials and is very durable.

4. From the weight of the product

Commercial gym equipment is heavier than regular gym equipment and can also hold more weight than regular gym equipment.

5. From the price of the product

In summary, commercial fitness equipment is also more expensive than treadmill home fitness.