Should weight loss be targeted for partial weight loss?

Update:15 Jan 2021

Weight loss should be targeted. For women, the face, upper arms, abdomen, calves, and back are the areas most worried about getting fat. But it is really difficult to prevent these parts from getting fat. Then I will tell you a method that is very effective in losing weight on the abdomen and back.

Exercise to exercise abdominal muscles and back muscles. "What, I have done this kind of exercise." Someone will certainly hear such a response to this method. But please re-examine this method. This topic is indeed worthy of our discussion. Does this exercise reduce the fat on our abdomen and back? Moreover, each person has different characteristics for each person. I believe that most people are doing futile abdominal muscle exercises. However, we are opposed to this issue.

We can prove the conclusion that abdominal muscle exercise can definitely reduce abdominal fat.

1. If the muscles around the abdomen are exercised, it will increase the fatigue of the surrounding muscles. So do muscles that feel tired need energy supplements? In fact, the supplementary energy is fat. Therefore, fat burning can be reduced through exercise.

2. Fatty substances are difficult to reduce in the body. Especially body parts such as the abdomen are really difficult to reduce. Why is this? The scientific solution is to prove the conclusion through practice. Actions like walking and fighting kicks can all be performed by the feet and legs. However, for the muscles themselves, the abdominal muscles get the most movement. Therefore, in such a situation, in order to exercise the abdominal muscles, walking exercise is also possible. Even if you do one minute of exercise, the abdominal muscles will ache for two or three days. This is muscle pain. It doesn't matter. Like Thai boxing fighters and sprinters, they all have very strong abdominal muscles. In these two exercises, there are more activities in the legs, but the abdominal muscles are exercised. It can be seen that such exercises are really useful for exercising the abdominal muscles. Like these athletes, long-term exercise without reluctance can really develop good abdominal muscles, and it is not unrelated to reducing abdominal fat.

For the back muscles, it is closely related to the exercise of the abdominal muscles. Just like when we exercise our abdominal muscles, our waist will feel pain. Therefore, when exercising the abdominal muscles, the back muscles will also be slightly exercised. Exercise like this is really an ideal exercise method.