How to maintain a home treadmill?

Update:30 Dec 2020

With the popularization of treadmills, home use treadmills are no longer a luxury in life. The price of the common people, the fast pace of modern life, etc., have caused treadmills to enter thousands of households. However, it is the machine that needs to be maintained. If everyone is not well maintained in daily life, it will reduce the service life of the treadmill, in order to extend the service life of the treadmill and maintain the stability of the performance of the treadmill.


1. Clean the treadmill

The two sides of the treadmill are exposed to the outside of the running belt. Do not accumulate debris. Keep the plot of this part to avoid accelerated wear of the treadmill due to debris entering between the treadmill board and the treadmill belt. When appropriate You can use soap and cleaning cloth to clean the running belt, do not use detergent. Another thing to note is that after each use of the treadmill, wipe off the sweat on the treadmill, and develop a good habit of cleaning the dust regularly.

2. Centering adjustment of running belt

If the running belt deviation occurs after using the treadmill for a period of time, it is generally related to the fact that the athlete's foot point is not in the center of the running belt and the uneven force of the feet. Man-made deviations only need to run for a few minutes without load (unmanned movement) to return to normal. For unrecoverable deviations, you need to adjust the screws of the running belt in half-turns with the supplied wrench.

 3. Regular lubrication of treadmill

The anti-static lubricant has been applied between the running board and the running belt before leaving the factory. It is recommended that ordinary users apply the machine's own lubricant once between the running belt and the running board after the machine has been running for 100 hours.

4. Daily maintenance of hydraulic rod

In order to prolong the service life of the hydraulic rod, the oil should be reinforced once a month by using a wrench to tighten the screws on the hydraulic rod and lubricating the hydraulic rod with lubricating oil