How to use a home treadmill for weight loss fitness programs?

Update:09 Jan 2021

How to use a home use treadmill for weight loss fitness programs?Regarding the principle of weight loss, there are many articles on the Internet, such as aerobic training for more than 40 minutes to burn fat, aerobic and anaerobic combination, dietary intake control and other theoretical explanations. Scientific weight loss and fitness are always inseparable from one word: persistence. Why do you say that? Many times we did exercises for a period of time and felt that the effect was not great, so we began to collect all kinds of information, to ask people around us, to consult a coach, and the answers we got were to continue to persist. Why do you insist? Is it because the accumulated time is too much?

In fact, the aerobic training consumes hundreds of calories and only needs a small amount of food to make up for it. Some people will say that you start to consume fat after 40 minutes of aerobic, and consume a little bit every day. Of course you will lose weight after the accumulation of time. This statement has a certain truth. If the diet is controlled well, it can indeed achieve the goal of weight loss. Some fast weight loss methods, such as dieting, tend to rebound strongly, while scientific exercise weight loss methods will not rebound easily. In other words, you will not gain weight easily if you return to a normal diet in the future. If according to the theory of consumption, if you eat less, you will get thinner, and if you eat more, you will get fat, then why does exercise not rebound? What is even more confusing is why some thin people can never eat fat. In many videos on the Internet, there are always a group of thin people performing exaggerated food live broadcasts, such as eating dozens of bowls of rice for a meal. And some people belong to the physique of obesity, that is, people who will gain weight by drinking water, even if they have paid attention to diet, they still cannot lose weight. This is why? The principle of weight loss in this article will not introduce the calorie consumption theory of aerobic exercise. Many fitness articles have given detailed explanations to these theories. The weight loss theory here mainly focuses on the answers to the above questions.

The human body is like a machine, controlled by the brain, regulated by hormones, and undergoing sleepless metabolic activities. When I was studying, my biology teacher said that the so-called biology refers to proteins that can be renewed automatically. This shows that metabolism is the foundation of life. If the metabolism is fast, the body will be better. If the metabolism is slow, the body will inevitably have various problems. The most precious result that aerobic exercise can bring to us is that it can speed up the body's metabolism. What controls a person's weight? By the brain. The brain draws a line to the body, and this line determines the person's weight. For example, if you draw the line at 90 kg, it is very difficult for you to grow to more than 95 kg. Some people are prone to gain weight, but they don’t just gain weight blindly. They tend to be stable when they reach a certain level. , No longer continue to rise rapidly, all this is controlled by that line.

The thin line is low, so no matter how you eat, you won’t gain weight. The fat line is high. Even if you lose weight on a diet, this line will control your weight to grow back. Even dieting will cause this line. Increase, and then you may be fatter and heavier than before. So, how is this line controlled? How can this line be lowered to keep the weight at a stable level in the future? This line is regulated by the body hormones. After the hormone measures the physical condition, the information is fed back to the brain, and the brain adjusts this line according to the feedback information. This hormone mainly refers to insulin, a hormone that can sense the blood sugar content in the body. After eating sugary foods (rice, noodles, etc.), the blood sugar content is high, then insulin tells the brain that blood sugar is high and the body must need energy and nutrition, then the brain will increase this line and the body will accumulate a certain amount of fat To prevent the body from lacking energy and nutrition again. Conversely, if the body's blood sugar content is low, insulin will tell the brain that the body is temporarily not using energy, and the brain will adjust and lower this line, and the body will not store fat. So when you lose weight, you will be required to reduce the intake of carbohydrates in diet, and focus on protein and fiber. This is the reason.

Aerobic exercise can speed up the body's metabolic level, and the acceleration of metabolism is also conducive to reducing this line, so there will be no rebound after aerobic weight loss. However, the overall improvement of metabolism requires a process. The body needs time to adjust and improve. Therefore, aerobic exercise requires time accumulation and long-term persistence, so that the body can complete effective overall adjustment. When the body fully adapts to this metabolic rhythm, it will naturally not get fat again, unless you have a period of lazy and overeating days, and your body's metabolism returns to its previous level. Some people are born with a relatively high line, so they belong to a physique prone to obesity. Aerobic training should be increased to regulate the body's metabolic level.