Is it better to exercise in the morning or at night?

Update:29 Jan 2021

Early morning exercise:

Early to bed and early to get up for good health, early exercise seems to be the most recognized time for people to exercise.

1. Exercise early in the morning to reduce fat

Since we have not eaten all night, our body mainly relies on stored energy-fat for energy. So exercise on an empty stomach in the morning will indeed burn more fat. But morning exercise also faces the problem of insufficient blood sugar supply, and exercise should not be particularly vigorous.

2. Early morning exercise can improve daytime work efficiency

That's right, exercise in the morning can improve the metabolism of the day. Many people feel that after running in the morning, they feel refreshed all day long. This feeling will be very obvious when you first start exercising, but after a few days of persistence, there may be a significant attenuation.

Because of the fatigue that has accumulated for a few days and the lack of sleep caused by getting up early, if you go to work at 8 o'clock and want to exercise early, you may have to get up after 5 o'clock. So you need to sacrifice some entertainment time the night before and fall asleep earlier.

This is an important reason why early exercise is difficult to persist. However, if you can get through this period smoothly and let your body get used to this rhythm, the state of a hundred times more energy throughout the day will return and work efficiency will be higher.

Exercise at night:

1. Exercise at night is easier to persist

Especially for young people nowadays, people will rent a house near the company in order to get more sleep, and even bring breakfast to eat on the road. It can be seen that it is easier to persist in taking time to exercise at night.

2. Exercise at night helps sleep

Studies have shown that within 1-2 hours after exercise, physical fatigue will gradually react. This time is very suitable for falling asleep, so after running, take a shower and tidy up, just to enter the rhythm of sleep.

3. Exercise at night is also conducive to weight loss

Compared with the morning exercise, the weight loss ability of B1 Electric Treadmill night running at night is not bad at all. Because proper dinner can make people who exercise at night have better exercise performance. At the same time, as long as you don’t add meals after exercise, and don’t be attracted by barbecue stalls, the effect of weight loss is also very impressive.

If you are really hungry, fruits such as apples and oranges are very good choices.

Whether you choose to exercise in the morning or at night, you can make exercise easier to become a habit.

If you exercise only once in a few months, ask good morning or good evening. That would be completely redundant.

I advise you to stop exercising. Sudden exercise is not only ineffective for health, but also very prone to sports injuries.

No matter what kind of exercise, don't talk about the effect without persistence.