What fitness moves are suitable for beginners to work out at home?

Update:05 Feb 2021

Whenever you want to start fitness, the first thing that comes to mind is the reason. There is no time, no money, not knowing how to do it, etc. Here are some simple and space-saving exercises that are very suitable for beginners. There are also useful explanations for the exercises There will be fewer and fewer reasons to persist.

1. Push-ups   

Exercise method: face down and push up on the floor, keep your body straight, form a straight line from head to toe, spread your hands shoulder-width apart, keep your body straight, slowly bend your arms to lower your body, and inhale at the same time until your chest is free Place an inch on the ground, then quickly straighten your arms and push your body back to the starting position.

Reason: This exercise uses multiple muscle groups to maximize growth and strengthen the shoulder joint. This makes it easy to exercise at home and prepares you for more demanding shoulder exercises in the gym, such as the incline bench press.

2. Standing dumbbell press

Exercise method: Stand naturally with feet shoulder-width apart, hold dumbbells with palms forward, keep your back straight, tighten your abdomen, and push the dumbbells upwards until your arms are completely straight, and stop the dumbbells above your head for about 1 second After that, slowly drop the dumbbells in the ready position.

Reason: As a beginner, the goal should be to maintain joint tension and prevent injuries called subacromial pain arc syndrome.

3. Dumbbell Farmer Walk

Exercise method: Hold a heavy dumbbell in each hand, choose dumbbells according to your physical fitness, and place them on your sides. Keep both arms straight, walk straight forward and maintain a good posture (spine and shoulders are in a neutral position), keep the core contraction, walk forward as fast as possible, and use short steps.

Reason: Super simple, no need to worry about technique, this action will increase shoulder stability, have strong grip, forearm, trapezius and good posture.

4. Dumbbell side lift

Exercise method: Hold a light dumbbell in each hand, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Slowly lift the dumbbells from both sides of your body until they are parallel to your body and swing the weight to resist the urge to cheat. Then slowly fall back to the original position.

Reason: If you exercise at home, this is the most obvious home exercise for shoulder shaping.

5. Dumbbell heel lift

Exercise method: Hold the dumbbell with both hands, put your feet together, and touch the ground with your heels. Lift your heels off the ground slowly to the top, then slowly lower back to the starting position and repeat.

Reason: Too many beginners tend to skip the calves on leg training days at home fitness. Put this action into your exercise to ensure that you can exercise as many leg muscles as you do in the gym when you exercise at home.

6. dumbbell curl

Exercise method: Keep your forearms vertical to the ground and close to your body. Place the dumbbells in front of your body. Keep your elbow and shoulder joints stable. Only your lower arms move with your palm facing up. Bend the dumbbells to the highest point and slowly lower them. repeat.

Reason: This action can effectively exercise the biceps and make the body develop more perfectly.

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