How to use the treadmill?

Update:29 Oct 2020

1. Get familiar with the treadmill first

Before using the electric treadmill for the first time, we must first stand next to the treadmill and familiarize ourselves with some basic operations of how to control it. Such as start, stop and speed adjustment. After we are familiar, press the treadmill to start the power button.

2. Start the treadmill

Start the safety switch first, which is the start button in the figure below. Press the start button again, and the treadmill is now running. It is recommended that first-time users of the treadmill warm up at a speed of 1, and after warming up for about five minutes, then slowly increase the speed according to their physical fitness.

3. Selection of running speed mode

Reminder: different speeds are suitable for different groups

(1) If you just want to walk slowly, it is recommended to use a speed of 4km/h~6km/h. Slow walking is generally more suitable for relaxation exercises after exercise, or for pregnant women.

(2) The speed of 6km/h~8km/h is suitable for fast walking people. This speed is most suitable for those who don't like running. It can achieve the effect of fitness and maintain a normal body shape.

(3) Speeds above 8km/h are more suitable for regular exercise groups. For those who are in urgent need of fat loss, it is best to achieve this level during aerobic running exercises.

4. Incline mode of treadmill

There are buttons on the treadmill to adjust the slope. After turning on the machine, you can choose the slope independently, but it is not recommended for beginners to increase the slope. After some experience, the difficulty can be appropriately increased.

5. Turn off the power of the treadmill

It is best to turn off the power when the China Motorized Home Folding Treadmills is not in use. The correct order to switch the power of the massage head is to switch the switch to the "OFF" position, and then unplug the power plug.


Before starting the treadmill, never stand on the belt, stand on the plastic anti-skid plates on both sides of the treadmill.
If your physical condition is not suitable for high-intensity exercise, you must not choose fast running. Please exercise on a treadmill under the advice of a doctor or a coach to avoid irreparable mistakes.
Do not use the treadmill if it is wet or deformed, and the plug is damaged. Safety first.