Warm-up before running

Update:06 Nov 2020

The warm-up and warm-up activities before using the Treadmill Home Fitness to exercise are just to avoid the joint wear and tear caused by high-intensity exercise, and to reduce the damage of ligaments and muscles. In fact, we only need to spend ten to twenty minutes to do a warm-up exercise before fitness. The movements don’t need to be too complicated and the range is not too big. This is just to allow us to better devote ourselves to fitness training. Then let’s take a look at some warm-up exercises suitable for everyone

The first thing is of course our stretching activities. The most important thing about stretching is to contract our muscle groups and increase the flexibility of our body through stretching and stretching. This is absolutely necessary in our next training. . This is not just a preparation activity before fitness, we can also do stretching at any time in our daily life, which can stretch our muscles and ligaments, which is most conducive to the health of our bones, increases our softness, and relieves Relieve the pressure of life and work.

After we have done the stretching activities, we can do the following ordinary squats to move the muscles of our hips to facilitate our next training.

Appropriate sit-ups can also help us relax our muscles. It is also a good pre-exercise preparation to "wake up" our sleeping abdomen in advance, so that it can better "serve" our next training program.

Next, you can increase the intensity of the warm-up, and use the raised leg to tell us the muscles of the whole body, "Wake up", it is time to move, but this is a warm-up, so it will not take too long.

We "upgrade" the warm-up activity again and move the whole body. The increasing intensity will make our body more and more adaptable, allowing us to devote ourselves to our all-round fitness training in the best state.

Finally, let’s have a bobby jump. You don’t have to do too many. The warm-up activity has the effect of warming up. Don’t let yourself consume too much energy in the warm-up activity, draining our energy, we How to do the next training? But in order for us to better complete the training project, our warm-up is essential! For the health of our body, warming up is also imperative.

In addition to the warm-up exercises we just introduced, there are some other warm-up exercises, such as fifteen minutes of jogging, which will not consume too much energy, but also allow our body to get a full-body exercise. Decide what kind of warm-up activity to do. Stretching before exercise must be indispensable. Warm-up exercises in different styles are actually very fun~