How to perform an efficient fitness

Update:24 Oct 2020

If you want to perform a high-efficiency fitness, don’t neglect the preparation before training, especially in modern and busy urbanites. Every time you step into the fitness room is very precious, so we must make sufficient preparations during training , So that each training efficiency is also increased to the highest!

Today, I have prepared pre-training preparations for you to improve your fitness efficiency, so that you can do more with less, whether you gain muscle, burn fat, or improve physical fitness!

1) Eat before training

When training, we must ensure that the body has enough fuel to provide energy. The higher the intensity of muscle exercise, the more fuel is needed! Therefore, we must pay attention to the diet before training and supplement some carbohydrates and protein before training.

A few slices of bread or fruit such as apples, bananas or oranges for complex carbohydrates. In terms of protein, it is recommended to eat some casein, because the digestion time of casein is longer, which allows the muscles to slowly absorb protein during training and increase muscle growth.
2) Drink water before training

Do not underestimate the importance of water. Nearly 80% of muscles are made up of water, and water can help to remove waste materials generated during exercise, strengthen muscle strength and reduce fatigue. It is recommended to drink at least 500ml of water half an hour before training.
3) Food supplement before training

Although supplements are not necessary, if conditions are good, some pre-training supplements are still beneficial. For example, the pre-training supplement creatine, creatine helps to increase muscle strength and delay fatigue, which is very important for the improvement of training performance. If used, it can be used half an hour before training.
4) Prepare training content before training

It is very important to plan the training content. For those of healthy age, probably all training items are already in mind, but if you are a novice, you must plan each training content before training.

No training plan will make your training inefficient. Many fitness people who have no plan walk around in the gym, push twice on the chest pusher, and then pull twice on the back puller. Training is neither systematic nor time-consuming, which is a waste of time. Therefore, before each exercise, you must know which target muscles and movements are to be trained, and do not imitate using paper, pen or mobile phone to write down, so as to increase training effectiveness.
5) Warm up before training-aerobic exercise

A good warm-up exercise can increase muscle temperature, body temperature, and accelerate blood flow. At the same time, it can relax the tendons. In this case, the muscles can perform best during exercise.

To warm up, you can use aerobic training equipment such as China Humanoid Mats, space walking machines, or rowing machines for 5-10 minutes of low-to-medium-intensity exercise, or light sweating.
6) Warm up before training-dynamic stretching

Many people like to do static stretching before exercise, that is, stretching, but for fitness exercises, the stretched muscles will lose a little strength, so dynamic stretching is a better choice when warming up. Put stretching after training. Right.

The advantage of dynamic stretching is that the joint synovial fluid has been squeezed out of the synovial fluid and filled between the joints. The lubricity of the joints is improved during the movement, which improves the flexibility of the joints and allows the movement to proceed smoothly.