How to choose the size of home treadmill?

Update:19 Feb 2022

There are two sizes of treadmills: one is the size of the area occupied by the whole machine when unfolded, and the other is the size occupied by the folded machine. These are all issues that treadmill buyers should consider. In fact, the size of the treadmill is closely related to the user, and the needs of the customer create the size of the treadmill; but at the same time, the scientific basis is also the limitation of the size of the treadmill.
Generally, the size considered for home treadmills is actually a worry about the footprint. Everyone knows that the average family has not much usable area, so some users consider the size that suits them to save more space for it to be used! The size of the small treadmill is about 70cm wide and about 170cm long. This type of treadmill meets the needs of small-sized families, or the customer group of affordable housing. The size and width of large treadmills are all about 90cm, and the length is not less than 180cm. This type of treadmill is more suitable for commercial groups with more spacious home space.
Although the sizes of treadmills satisfy different families, the variety of home treadmill brands is dazzling, making it difficult for consumers to choose. In fact, when consumers buy treadmills, the best choice is to start from their own needs, so that they can achieve multiplier effect with half the effort!
Before purchasing, first measure the area of ​​the home pre-placed treadmill. Relatively speaking, the larger the treadmill, the wider the running belt, and the more comfortable it is to run. You can decide according to the actual situation.

First, the appearance of the machine, as a part of home life, the appearance requirements of the product are different due to the different aesthetics of each person, and looking comfortable is the first step in all choices.

Second, the size, including the size of the running area and the entire treadmill, and the size of the machine's footprint, must be considered.

Whether you choose a home treadmill or a commercial treadmill. The specific size below 3 meters is the size of a home treadmill, and the size above 3 meters is the size of a commercial treadmill. Commercial use does not mean that it cannot be used at home. is higher performance. better one. Household use time, motor horsepower are not the same. Generally, it is about 3.0, and the use time is about 4 hours. Commercial can reach 24 hours.
Special attention when using a treadmill at home:
If you use a treadmill at home, you should also wear sportswear and sports shoes. Do not run barefoot, because the frictional resistance between the barefoot and the running belt is too small, and it is easy to slip and cause danger.