What are the misunderstandings that need to be paid attention to in gym fitness?

Update:22 Feb 2022

Many sports young whites started to lose weight by exercising, either forcing themselves to run every day, or forcing themselves to stay hungry every day. Just a few days after exercising, I couldn't hold on to my tossing. In the gym, in addition to running machine and bicycles, there are treadmills and bicycles. After running for a long time, I dare not rest.

However, due to too little understanding of sports and safe exercise, or wrong understanding of sports, long-term adherence to wrong exercise habits and actions, newcomers will not only be difficult to achieve the expected results, but also cause damage to other aspects of the body.

If you want to know the correct form of exercise, it is necessary to avoid mistakes in the process of exercise.

1. Practice wherever you want to lose weight
In fact, fat loss is systemic. There is no research that shows that exercising a certain muscle will reduce the fat around the muscle. Therefore, fat loss should also be systemic. Don’t just practice wherever you want to lose weight. Whole body muscle exercises, swimming, running, skipping rope, elliptical machines, spinning, aerobics, dancing, etc. are all very helpful to lose fat all over the body, including the belly of course.

2. Never take warm-ups seriously
Many people feel that warming up before exercise is a waste of time. However, directly entering high-intensity exercise and exercise without warming up can easily lead to muscle damage and unsatisfactory exercise efficiency. Take 20 minutes to prepare for the activity before exercising.

3. No buffering after exercise
Many people suddenly sit down or lie down after a long run, but they do not know that the blood circulation in your body is very fast during strenuous exercise, which will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, dizziness and nausea.
After strenuous exercise, slow down little by little, and let your body fully adjust to the slow pace before resting.

4. Take a shower immediately after exercising
Just after exercising, the pores of the body are in a dilated state, and blood flows to the muscles. At this time, rashly choosing a cold shower will stimulate the rapid contraction of blood vessels, which is not conducive to the recovery of bodily functions, and it is very easy to get sick. Rest quietly for 30mins~1h and then wash after your body recovers.

5. Eat immediately after exercising
Especially the boys who just came out of the gym, feel very hungry at this time, and eat immediately. In fact, this is very bad, because just after exercising, the body is still in a state of excitement, blood vessels dilate, and eating immediately will cause great harm to the body. You should eat 30 to 60 minutes after exercising, especially for muscle training, and you should add enough protein at this time. for the body to absorb.

6. Exercise on an empty stomach
When using fitness equipment to exercise, if you do not eat, there will be no energy in your body for consumption, which will easily lead to dangerous symptoms such as hypoglycemia. Eat well-digested, high-carb foods like bananas or avocados.

7. The more you sweat, the better
There is no direct link between sweating and fitness effects, sweating is just a form of the body's lowering of body temperature, it is not a product of fat burning. What really determines the effectiveness of your workout is the intensity of your training. When running, the speed is moderately increased, the time is longer, and the weight and number of groups of strength training are well controlled. This is the key to determining the fitness effect.

8. Can't breathe, blushing
In fitness, if you can master the correct breathing method, you can greatly slow down the accumulation of lactic acid, so that you will be minimally affected by soreness during exercise. When you have grasped the rhythm of the body and breathing, when doing strength training, inhale when the body is relatively relaxed, and exhale when the body is relatively tense. This is a relatively correct breathing rhythm.

9. Pay attention to drinking water when exercising
Drinking water is essential before, during and after exercise! Because exercise requires a lot of water in the body, if you don't replenish water in time, it will cause fatigue or dehydration. But if you want to drink too much in one breath, it will cause the loss of salt in the body and even cause cramps and cramps! Drink small sips of water, do not gulp hard.