Generally, the heavier the weight of the home treadmill, the better?

Update:16 Sep 2022

With the increasing popularity of treadmills, most ordinary families can purchase one for home fitness use, and users are also faced with various renderings about the selling points of treadmills when they purchase treadmills, and when treadmills are purchased The parameter of load bearing has also become the point of heavy promotion by major merchants!

The so-called treadmill bearing is the maximum body weight that the treadmill can carry. For a simple example, the number of nuclear passengers and the maximum bearing capacity are written on the body of the bus that we usually take. It is the same reason. Treadmill merchants are basically marked with a weight of 300 catties or even higher values. So one of the first questions to ask is:

Is the home treadmill the heavier the weight, the better?

First of all, we need to understand that the load-bearing value of a treadmill is closely related to the motor, the firmness of the whole machine, the steel, the thickness of the running board, the shock absorption, and the running speed of the machine. At present, the maximum weight of general household treadmills on the market is about 120kg, and there are also treadmills that reach 150kg. If your weight falls into the range of about 120kg or more, then you have to consider the maximum weight range of the treadmill. Don't reduce the life of the treadmill, but more importantly, for your own safety. Of course, with the treadmill The design is becoming more and more thin and light, and some walking machines have also begun to appear in front of the public. Although most of the target weights are 100-120kg, they are the maximum values ​​used, generally suitable for weights of about 50-70kg, more than 80kg , the parts of the machine will start to run under load!

On the premise that the treadmill bears the load, it is the power of the motor, and only the horsepower can bear the load. Therefore, the question of whether the higher the motor power of the treadmill is, the better, seems to be somewhat similar, but how many domestic treadmills are not fake horsepower? When the weight reaches 100KG, don’t just look at the motor. For example, those commercial imported treadmills are only marked with 2.0 horsepower. In fact, it is a brand. The standard load-bearing capacity of a brand’s products is generally not very different from the actual load-bearing capacity. For example, the top ten brands of treadmills .

Regarding the weight-bearing problem of home folding treadmill,  when our weight is not large, let’s conservatively say that it is less than 75kg. In such cases, we don’t need to consider the weight-bearing problem of the treadmill, because any treadmill is enough to use. When the user weighs more than 100kg, it is necessary to carefully consider which treadmill to choose. The greater the power of the treadmill motor, the greater the relative load. If you want to buy a domestic treadmill, it is best to buy a treadmill with a power of 4.0HP or more. Of course, it is best to ask the merchant about the load-bearing capacity of the whole machine. Don't just look at the theoretical load-bearing value introduced by the merchant. There is still a big discrepancy between it and the actual weight that can be carried. If you don’t consider other factors such as price, simply say that the bigger the treadmill is, the better the answer is. Of course, the configuration is still high. After all, the performance is more powerful, and choosing a brand home treadmill is more guaranteed.