What is the difference between running on a treadmill and running on a plastic track?

Update:09 Sep 2022

With the continuous development and expansion of the sports industry, more and more people begin to like sports, and among all sports, running is the most common. Running only takes a short time every day, jogging for 30 minutes is enough, long-term persistence can enhance the mobility of all joints in the body, with sufficient physical strength, metabolism and sleep quality. However, without proper running posture and a comfortable walking trajectory, bone joints will be worn to a certain extent; the most commonly used for running are treadmills and plastic tracks. Which running style is healthier? What's the difference between running on a treadmill and running on a plastic track?

Running workout on a running machine

As we all know, treadmills are usually placed indoors and therefore have unique advantages. Whether it is sunny or rainy, they can run at any time, and can effectively prevent outdoor air pollution and extreme temperatures; the treadmill is relatively scientific in design, and the slope and speed can be adjusted freely, but the treadmill track is slightly harder than the plastic track. And the running comfort does not meet the standard of plastic track.

When training on a treadmill, only a portion of the body is fit but not at the level of running skill required for that speed, so the difference is huge. Let's do a simple comparison. When exercising on the treadmill, the running belt moves you into place, and you can watch TV while listening to music. A variety of functional modes, labor-saving. However, when the speed is too fast, if people's running rhythm cannot keep up with the rhythm of the treadmill, it is easy to cause different degrees of knee injury.

Unaffected by weather or hot and cold air, it can run freely without any conditions; the soles of treadmill tracks feel a little harder, not as comfortable as a plastic track. The design is more scientific, and the speed and intensity can be adjusted freely; the running intensity needs to be adjusted reasonably, otherwise it is easy to cause knee injury; the range of motion is small, relatively labor-saving, and the training intensity does not meet the standard of running on the plastic track.

Running on a plastic track

The plastic track is the main playground material for schools and sports venues. It's very flat and certainly an ideal place to exercise. It can prevent injuries caused by uneven roads, and studies show that training on a plastic track slightly improves training results. In foreign countries, plastic runways are also known as "all-weather runways".

The plastic track has good water permeability and is suitable for running exercise on sunny days after rain. Users who stick to the outdoors often can't stand the small, boring running area on the treadmill and can't hold it for 5 minutes. When running outdoors, you can precisely control your speed, change your route quickly and slowly, and more. Running on the outdoor plastic track after the rain can breathe fresh air, while running in a larger space is relatively free and has no sense of restraint.