The main difference between treadmill and outdoor running

Update:23 Sep 2022

Different people have different opinions on which one is better, treadmill or outdoor running Weather, air quality, etc., so the advantages of treadmills are revealed. The German philosopher Hegel said a classic famous saying: existence is reasonable! Therefore, they all have their own advantages. Only reasonable choices can ensure a scientific and healthy way of exercise. Below, Shengbu will popularize the three specific differences between outdoor running and treadmills and which groups of people are not suitable for using treadmills for exercise!

Difference 1: The characteristic of running on a treadmill is that the stride is small and the stride frequency is high. In addition, the vertical movement of the body's center of gravity will be less when running on the treadmill, that is, the up and down movement of the entire body will be reduced, so the body needs to do less work when running. Coupled with the absence of wind resistance, the energy consumption of the body when exercising on the treadmill will be less than running on the ground, which is generally considered to be about 10% less.

Difference 2: The relative shock absorption is better than the hard ground such as cement road, the relative protection is better, there is no turning, and there is a lack of exercise for the ankle and other muscle groups. You can increase the slope by about 2 degrees and wear lightweight running shoes, which are more similar to road running.

Difference 3: The speed and frequency of normal running can be controlled by yourself, you can run when you want to run, stop when you want to stop, and it is not so laborious to run; while running on a treadmill is usually set at a faster speed and has a fixed frequency, as long as If the treadmill does not stop, one has to keep running at the rhythm, and if it stops suddenly, it is easy to fall, and it is not good for the heart. In addition, the crawler of the treadmill keeps turning backward, and people running on it must be highly focused and not be distracted, and the body tension is much higher than normal running.

Four groups of people are not suitable for Treadmill home fitness

In view of the above characteristics of treadmills, experts believe that four types of people are not suitable for treadmill exercise——

1. People with arthritis, meniscus or ligament damage or artificial joint replacement will cause repeated wear and tear of the hip, knee and ankle joints due to high-frequency running. People with joint problems will be injured more and more ;

2. Patients with heart disease, because the speed of the treadmill is difficult to control, and the load on the heart is relatively large. Once an accident occurs, it is very dangerous;

3. For people with cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis, running in a state of high concentration for a long time will cause tension in the neck and lower back muscles, and the treadmill also has a recoil on the spine, which may aggravate the original condition;

4. People with osteoporosis are prone to sprains, falls and fractures during high-intensity running due to their reduced bone density and loose ligaments.