What matters should be paid attention to when exercising in the gym?

Update:10 Dec 2021

Many of my friends want to lose weight through the gym, but they get a fitness card for a while, and when they enter the gym, they see a wide range of indoor gym equipment but don't know how to exercise. We must know that blind fitness will damage the muscles of the body and make it difficult to achieve the goal of losing weight. Today we will talk about how to go to the gym and what should we pay attention to?

Gym fitness considerations

1. Necessary warm-up activities
You know, warm-up exercise is a necessary process before starting the formal exercise.

2. Extremely necessary stretching exercises
Stretching exercises after fitness exercises are not simple. You relax the muscles to prevent muscle soreness, and at the same time, continue each movement for 25 to 35 seconds, so that the body can enter the state of exercise as soon as possible.

3. Avoid excessive exercise
Regardless of whether the purpose of fitness is to shape or lose weight, you should persevere. As the so-called haste is not achieved, you can't expect short-term high-intensity exercise to get the "gold medal." Therefore, you need to pay attention to your heart rate during exercise. Many people now wear exercise bracelets that can monitor heart rate in real time, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t. It means that you are over-exercising, and over-exercising is also the number one reason most people give up halfway through exercise. Because once they feel the discomfort brought about by exercise, it is often difficult for people to stick to it. Excessive exercise can also backfire and damage the body.

4. The necessity of supplementing water
Therefore, don't forget to add water to your body during exercise, but avoid drinking a lot of water. After exercise, the heart's activity is still very intense. Drinking a lot of water will increase the circulating blood volume and increase the burden on the heart.