Which fitness equipment is right for you?

Update:03 Dec 2021

Fitness equipment. Whole body fitness equipment, such as 10 comprehensive training devices, home-use 16-function fitness devices, etc.
Comprehensive training equipment, fitness equipment can be used for multiple people to perform cyclic or selective exercises on one equipment at the same time. This kind of fitness equipment is large in size, complete in functions, and expensive in price. It is suitable for use in fitness centers, fitness equipment rehabilitation centers, offices or school gyms.

It should be noted that although fitness equipment such as a multifunctional treadmill is a whole-body fitness equipment, fitness equipment, but it only adds rowing, fitness equipment pedaling, push-ups, waist rotation, massage and other functions on the basis of a single-function treadmill. , Fitness equipment is not very large, and it is also suitable for home gyms.

Localized fitness equipment Fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, rowing machines, fitness equipment stair machines, treadmills, as well as calf curls, weight tensioners, fitness equipment, heel exercisers, etc.

Most of the fitness equipment is special training equipment. The structure of fitness equipment is small and covers an area of ​​about 1 square meter. Most of the fitness equipment can be folded, and some are also interesting.

Its function is relatively simple, mainly focusing on the exercise of local muscle groups. This type of equipment has both a heavy-duty power type with counterweights and hydraulic fitness equipment pulling cylinders, and a non-power type with self-powered equipment, which does not require disassembly and assembly.