What is the difference between the functions and effects of a mechanical treadmill and an electric treadmill?

Update:10 Jun 2021

The electric treadmill drives the running belt through the motor to enable people to run or walk passively at different speeds or slopes. The comfort of exercise is greatly improved, and it avoids the physical impact of outdoor exercise due to adverse factors such as weather and environment. Reduce the possibility of sports injuries. Running or walking on an electric treadmill is a whole-body exercise mode. Because its exercise mode has almost no stretching action, compared with exercise on the land, it can reduce exercise intensity and increase exercise volume, which is useful for improving users’ performance. Cardiopulmonary function, physical endurance and fat consumption all have very good effects. Under the same exercise intensity, electric running can consume 40% more calories per hour than other common aerobic exercise equipment, such as exercise bikes, rowing machines, and climbing machines. Motorized treadmills can also conveniently record exercise data such as distance, time spent, and calories consumed by the exerciser through integrated electronic equipment and control system. The heart rate test function can accurately display the exerciser’s current heart rate, which is more scientific and safe. Take exercise. Therefore, the electric treadmill is a high-tech product with multiple technologies such as exercise physiology, ergonomics, and precision mechatronics. Running or walking on the electric treadmill is one of the best ways of aerobic exercise.

The mechanical treadmill drives the running belt to run through the human body. On the surface, it seems to consume more energy. However, the torsion generated by the intentional backwards is excessively concentrated on the ligaments, joints, etc. during running in order to make the running belt run backward Several key parts of the force, this torsion is more likely to cause chronic fatigue of the tendon tissue of the stressed part, thereby breaking the local balance of this part of the tissue and damaging its health. Turning sports into a kind of fatigue is the bane of people's interest in sports, and it is also the main reason why most sportsmen fail in sports. More and more users of traditional treadmills find that the more serious they exercise, the thicker their legs become, and the more they train their joints, it’s not surprising that they lose strength. This kind of fatigue and side effects of fitness will seriously affect your enthusiasm for fitness.


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