What are the indoor sports?

Update:18 Jun 2021

Ways to exercise at home

1. Sit-ups
Exercise method: Put your hands on the sides of your ears. When you get up, move your hands to your knees. Hold your body and bend for 2-3 seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat.
Exercise effect: build firm and strong abdominal muscles, burn abdominal fat, and improve digestive function.

2. Push-ups
Exercise method: Spread your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, straighten your feet, bend your arms, and slowly lower your chest. Then use the strength of the pectoralis major muscle to quickly push the body up.
Exercise effect: improve the muscle strength of the upper limbs, chest, lower back and abdomen.

3. Squat
Exercise method: Keep your back in a straight line, place the center of gravity between your feet, move your hips slowly back, squat down until the hip joint is lower than the knee joint, return to the starting position, and repeat several times.
Exercise effect: Strength and explosive power can be improved through specific intensity.

4. Plank support
Exercise method: Lie on your stomach, with your shoulders and elbow joints perpendicular to the ground, step on the ground with your feet, leave your body on the ground, keep your body on the same plane, look at the ground, and breathe evenly.
Exercise effect: It can effectively exercise the transverse abdominis and is an effective way to train the core muscles.

5. Aerobics
Exercise method: Stand with your legs open, with your left and right feet facing forward, and connect them in a straight line. Hold the lower thighs of your left and right legs with your hands. The knees begin to bend, and both hands lift up the muscles at the base of the thighs.
Exercise effect: Allows you to burn body fat happily in a fairly relaxed state.

Use fitness equipment to exercise at home
Exercise method: Grasp the dumbbell with both arms perpendicular to the body, and lift to the sides to shoulder width.
Exercise effect: exercise upper limb muscles, waist and abdominal muscles; modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance.

2. Treadmill
Exercise method: Turn on the treadmill and start running at a speed that suits you.
Exercise effect: Maigoo web editor understands that both treadmill running and outdoor running can consume fat in our body.

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3. Abdomen machine
Exercise method: Sit on the cushion, close the back to the massage chair, and move the back close to the back.
Exercise effect: stretch the abdominal muscles to achieve the effect of exercising the abdomen.

4. Exercise bike
Exercise method: Ride at a medium speed for about 30 minutes. You should also pay attention to deep breathing when exercising with this method.
Exercise effect: can quickly help us consume belly fat.

5. Stepper
Exercise method: Hold the rope tightly and swing up and down. When one foot is stepping, stretch the corresponding hand forward and repeat the alternation.
Exercise effect: Effectively reduce excess fat on the abdomen, waist, buttocks and legs, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.