What are the precautions when running a home treadmill?

Update:05 Mar 2021

What are the precautions when running a A7 Plus Multifunction Treadmill?

When thinking of exercise, the first thing many people think of is running. This is a simple and very beneficial exercise method. Many families have already purchased home treadmills or are considering buying them, so what matters should be paid attention to when using treadmills to run, which can make exercise more scientific and reasonable.

1. At the beginning, walk slowly, then jog, and then gradually accelerate

After getting on the treadmill, you should walk slowly and jog first, continue the "dynamic" warm-up, gradually increase the speed, and gradually slow down when you stop running, so that your body can have a process of reaction to avoid dizziness.

2. Breathing method: After reaching a certain amount of exercise, combine the mouth and nose

Usually the nose or snout is combined. At the beginning of running or warming up, you can breathe only through your nose when you first start to run; when you enter a fixed rhythm, your speed will increase. At this time, you can combine your mouth and nose to adjust your breathing, with your mouth slightly open. Breathe in sync with the breathing rhythm of the nose.

3. Running posture: head up and chest up

When running, you need to raise your head and chest, swing your arms naturally on both sides of your body, and run with your head down and holding the handrails are not good running postures. When someone is running, you will find that you always hear a dull sound on the treadmill, which is the sound of the sole of the foot hitting the running belt. The correct approach is to lay the forefoot on the ground and use the elastic relief method of the arch to reduce the reaction force of the treadmill on the human body!

4. Running time and speed: according to your own needs

Generally speaking, jogging for more than 40 minutes can consume body fat, but there are individual differences between people, which is why some people run for half an hour a day, and some people need to run longer every day. In terms of speed, it can generally be maintained between 5-6, but you need to adjust it according to your own situation. In general, the speed that makes you unburdened is the best.

5. Pay attention to your state at any time

(1). Pay attention to your heart rate while running

The formula for calculating the optimal heart rate during aerobic exercise is: (220-age)×60%~70%. Exercise within this range is the most effective for weight loss.

Some friends will ask, why the heart rate on the treadmill is very low and not accurate? Because the treadmill is detected by your fingers, when you run with the handrail, the intensity of the exercise must be reduced, so there will be deviations. The editor recommends that everyone use bracelet-style heart rate testing equipment, which will be better.

(2). During jogging, the breathing and heartbeat speed up slightly, the breathing is not fast, and the sweating is slight. In this case, the speed is better. If you feel a little tired, you will not feel tired when you get up the next day.

(3). Pay attention to step by step

The basic principle of all exercises. The intensity of all exercises should gradually transition from low-intensity to medium-high intensity, exercise time should be gradually lengthened, and the number of exercises should be increased from less. The key is to choose aerobic exercise based on your original physical condition and your own sports interests. Of course, you can also design an aerobic exercise prescription for yourself, because the body only knows it best.