Running weight loss tips you don’t know?

Update:23 Jan 2021

First of all, running to lose weight is an aerobic exercise. You have to jog and stick to it for more than 30 minutes to burn fat; the longer you stick to this exercise, the more obvious the effect will be.

warm up

I think most people know about warm-up exercises, because warm-up before exercise has a buffering effect on the body, and the body will also stretch and enter the state of exercise better and faster.

Run in the morning or run at night

Running in the morning can make your body enter a new day in advance, which is very beneficial to your health, and it is easier to lose weight if you run on an empty stomach in the morning. Why? Because if you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach and do exercise without eating anything, your body will not have enough energy and sugar to consume. It can only be consumed through fat, so it is easier to achieve the effect of oil discharge and fat reduction.

Running at night can also achieve the effect of weight loss, but after the body has been supplemented with energy for a day, most of the energy is still stored in the body, so when running, the body will automatically consume the excess energy and sugar in the body. Burn fat, so you need to exercise longer.

Therefore, babies who can run in the morning should try to run in the morning, so that the effect of weight loss will be seen faster.

How long should the daily running time last?

Many people cannot hold on for long when they first start running, which leads to poor weight loss. In fact, the real fat burning is 30 minutes after the start of running, so if you want to achieve real fat burning, you must stick to it every day. You will see the effect you want if you persist.

Jog or run

Jogging is a kind of aerobic exercise. The most suitable for weight loss is aerobic exercise. We should choose the most suitable speed to make a running plan for ourselves. "Smile rhythm" is the most suitable rhythm for running to lose weight. , Even when you meet people you know, you can still talk to others with a smile. This kind of rhythm is the most suitable for running to lose weight. You must not run with people to cater for others to run too fast or too slow.

To be precise, fast running is more suitable for relaxing the runner's body and mind. It is no longer aerobic exercise in the process of running too fast. If you choose fast running at the beginning, the runner will start to show physical strength in the middle of running. In the case of excessive consumption, the body cannot bear it, and the body becomes tight.

The best running time is continuous and uninterrupted

It’s best to run continuously during the running time, because if you run today and don’t come tomorrow, the running state like this is not good, the effect is difficult to show, and the body is difficult to achieve what you want. A movement balance.

Running pace

When running, I don’t know if your forefoot touches the ground first or your back heel touches the ground first? In fact, if you want to avoid the development of the calf muscles, the correct step should be for the forefoot to touch the ground first. In this way, you can keep the head, shoulders, knees and soles in a straight line, so that the body will not consume so much physical strength and make it easier To achieve the effect of weight loss.

Drink less sports drinks

Try to drink less beverages after running, because beverages contain trace elements such as glucose, potassium ions, sodium ions, etc., which are not very suitable for people who lose weight. Therefore, it is more appropriate to drink mineral water or plain water after exercise.

Hot water

After running, go back home and use hot water to soak your feet. This can relieve fatigue, allow blood circulation throughout the body, accelerate metabolism, accelerate detoxification, and lose weight while keeping your body healthy. At the same time, soaking feet in hot water can make the body go to sleep faster and improve the quality of sleep.

All the problems mentioned above require careful attention and persistence to achieve the desired fitness effect. Therefore, in the correct way to lose weight, persistence will get good results. This is the case for everything. After you find a method that suits you, you will not be far from success if you work hard. Come on!