What equipment do you need for a home gym?

Update:10 Mar 2022

Home fitness equipment configuration: treadmill, sit-up frame, dumbbells, arm bars, abdominal muscle rollers.

1. Treadmill. We use the folding treadmill for aerobic exercise, which can fully reduce fat and improve our overall muscle compactness.

2. Crunches. The sit-up frame can exercise our abdominal muscles, waist strength and pectoral muscles.

3. Dumbbells. Dumbbells have many uses, not only to train our biceps and triceps, but also to exercise our chest muscles.

4. Arm stick. The role of the arm bar is obvious, it is used to exercise our arm strength.

5. Abs roller. The abdominal muscle roller is simple and practical, low cost, suitable for exercising our arm strength, leg strength, abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles, with many benefits.