Teach you the correct use of treadmill fitness

Update:14 Jul 2021

Compared with other fitness equipment, treadmills take up more space, but there are still many people who like to use treadmills for fitness, because running is aerobic exercise, which is the most effective and scientific way to maintain physical and mental health. Then treadmills How to use it? How to buy a treadmill? Today, I will introduce this knowledge in detail for you.

How to use the treadmill

1. Turn on the power of the treadmill. Before using the electric treadmill for the first time, please stand by and familiarize yourself with how to control it-such as start, stop and speed adjustment. You can use it only after you are familiar with it.

2. Start the treadmill and press the start button. At this time, the treadmill has started to operate. It will automatically select the speed as 1. Beginners can warm up at this speed first, and then slowly increase the speed according to their physical fitness.

Tip: Before starting the treadmill, please do not stand on the belt, but stand on the plastic anti-skid plates on both sides of the treadmill. Grasp the handrails with both hands, drive the machine to a low speed of 1.6-3.2 km/h, stand up straight, look forward, "climb" a few times on the running belt with one foot, and relax as much as possible; then stand on the running belt Exercise with it.
After feeling adapted, slowly increase the speed to 3 to 5 km/h. Maintain this speed for about 10 minutes, and then slowly stop the machine. Do not run at high speed for the first time to prevent falling.

3. Adjust the slope. There are buttons on the treadmill to adjust the slope. After turning on the machine, you can choose the slope independently, but it is not recommended for beginners to increase the slope. After having some experience, you can increase the difficulty appropriately. Some treadmills have 5-step speed direct selection function and 5-step slope direct selection function, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

Tips: Before running, it is best to change into sportswear, and do not wear jeans, leather shoes, etc. for exercise. It is recommended to choose running shoes or fitness shoes. At the same time, do not stick to the soles of foreign objects, and avoid carrying foreign objects under the treadmill running belt to wear the running board and running belt. Clothes should be comfortable and suitable for sports. It is recommended to use cotton and breathable sportswear.

4. You can preset the length of exercise time. Exercise 15-60 minutes each time. Some treadmills are equipped with a high-tech TFT touch screen, and built-in ten kinds of mountain climbing, cross-country, competition, weight loss, interval running programs and two kinds of manual programming, which can be selected according to your physical condition and needs, which is very convenient Manipulation.
5. On the screen of the treadmill, we can clearly see the current exercise speed, time, distance, calories you consume, heart rate and slope. During exercise, hold the chip on the handle with both hands to measure your heart rate at this time.

6. You can choose to play audio and video files, songs, pictures and other content according to your own preferences. Some treadmill dashboards have USB (2.0) interfaces and can directly play the content in the U disk. The dashboard also has CD, MP3 audio Input and output functions.

7. If you want to stop running, you can press this red button on the treadmill, and the machine will stop automatically. At the end of training, you must let your heart rate drop below 120 per minute before you can press the stop button.