What should novices pay attention to when using treadmills

Update:04 Aug 2021

If you are a novice and are not yet familiar with treadmills, today this novice treadmill precautions can help you.

Once you are familiar with the treadmill, do not use the handrails when running. One of the misunderstandings of treadmill exercise is to hold the handrails of the treadmill with both hands while running. Doing so will have at least the following effects:

The intensity of exercise is reduced, the calorie burn is reduced, the effect of running on the body shape is reduced, the risk of muscle strain is reduced, and the promotion of exercise on the coordination and balance of the body is reduced.

Folding Treadmill slope adjustment
In addition to adjusting the speed of the treadmill, increasing the slope can also increase the intensity of the treadmill exercise. The function of treadmill slope adjustment is often overlooked, so if the speed mode is not suitable for you, turn on the "mountain training" mode of the treadmill!
In the same way as above, even if the slope of the treadmill is increased, avoid holding on to the handrails during exercise.

Stop exercising
There are several ways to stop the treadmill. The first two are suitable for novices.
1. Use the control panel to gradually reduce the speed until the treadmill comes to a complete stop.
2. The largest red stop button on the control panel can also quickly stop the treadmill. Step on the rails on both sides of the running belt, and then turn off the treadmill.