What safety issues should you pay attention to when using a treadmill to get a good figure?

Update:22 Jul 2022

As an important running fitness equipment, running machine are deeply loved by weight loss fitness friends. But what safety issues should you pay attention to when using a treadmill to get a good figure? When using the Hanchen fitness treadmill, for the sake of safety, the following three points must be done.

1. After starting the crawler, place your feet on the heels
Be sure to clamp the safety buckle, set the correct running speed and time, and don't rush to start running right away. Before turning on the treadmill, take care to place your feet on either side of the machine. When running before the track starts, put your feet on again, quickly catch up with the speed of the track, make sure to keep up, then gradually increase the speed. If the user is on the track from the beginning and starts the treadmill directly, it can fall and be injured because the track is going too fast.

2. Correct running posture
When running on a treadmill, the back should be straight and the center of gravity should be slightly forward so that the front of the head and the footplate can stay in line so that the head and feet can move forward together while running to avoid spinal injuries or even Lumbar disc herniation. When running, you can look at the position of your head and feet a little to make sure your posture is correct.

3. Do not hunch or lean back in the climbing mode
Many people like to turn uphill when using a treadmill, thinking that the exercise effect is better. But at this time, if you grab the armrests on both sides, walk fast, and lean back, it will greatly increase the pressure on the lower back and it is easy to get injured. Or some people are too focused on moving forward but become hunched, which is also a wrong move.