What are the tips for running on a treadmill?

Update:06 May 2022

Tip 1: Drink a cup of coffee before running
Drinking coffee before running is actually a practice that many runners use to improve their road running performance. And in terms of running fat-burning, this is also a way that can be used for reference.
"Caffeine" can increase the concentration of fatty acids in the plasma, stimulate fat metabolism, increase the oxidation of fat, and can save the use of liver sugar, help to prolong endurance and improve sports performance.
In other words, drinking a cup of coffee before hitting the treadmill can stimulate fat metabolism, prolong exercise time, and make muscle fibers more excited, thereby reducing the feeling of fatigue.
Therefore, according to follow-up studies, the fat-burning efficiency on the indoor gym equipment increases by 5%-10% before a run and with a cup of coffee.
However, the premise is that runners must first confirm whether they have arrhythmia, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal diseases. Otherwise, after drinking coffee and standing on the treadmill, there may be a bad situation.

Tip 2: Retrain before running
From the point of view of the energy system, first weight training will use "glucose" as the main energy source, and then during running training, it will be converted into "fat" as the source of continued energy consumption.
Because of this, if you want to burn more fat on the treadmill, you should actually do a certain amount of weight training first, and then start running.
If you do weight training after running, then there may be a lack of energy supply.
However, it cannot be ignored that when performing aerobic exercise such as running, the body not only consumes fat to supply energy, but also consumes glucose at the same time, in this way to fill the gap period before fat is converted into energy.

Tip 3: Increase Speed ​​and Strength
Many people who train on the treadmill choose to start at a low intensity and jog for 40 minutes or more. However, this fat burning effect is not ideal.
Compared with "running for 10 minutes with ease, without panting and not getting tired" and "running with exhaustion and panting for 10 minutes", it is obvious that the latter will increase calorie consumption due to the increase in exercise difficulty and the degree of fatigue.
So, how to increase the difficulty on the treadmill, in fact, I believe most runners can think of it, then increase the intensity by "increasing the speed" or "increasing the slope".
Of course, in this case, the "exercise time" does not necessarily have to reach 40 minutes or longer, but should be reasonably reduced according to your physical condition.
Because in a shorter period of time, the treadmill can already help you burn more fat.

Tip 4: Add intermittent sprints
Interval training is mainly carried out in the mode of "fast, slow, fast and slow" and "start and stop".
The short exercise time and high intensity are the characteristics of intermittent sprinting, so it is not easy for general beginners to bear, but the effect of intermittent sprinting can last for a long time, which is an excellent way to break through the wall.
The reason why high-intensity interval training is regarded as a fat-burning tool is that interval training can increase calorie consumption after exercise, which is the so-called after-burn effect.
This means that after exercising, the body will continue to consume energy to repair or make up for the "damage" caused by exercise, thereby burning more calories, and the effect of high-intensity exercise will become more obvious.
We can add "interval sprints" to treadmill training, from trying "fast, slow, fast and slow" to "stop and stop."
Of course, this is also a gradual process. If your physical fitness has not yet reached such a level, it is recommended not to try it lightly.