What are the common faults of treadmills?

Update:25 Jun 2021

(1)The treadmill stops automatically
Possible Causes:
1. The circuit is short-circuited;
2. There is a problem with the internal wiring;
3. There is a problem with the driver board.
1. Please carefully check the line problems;
2. Check the cable;
3. Replace the drive board.

(2)The electric treadmill cannot accelerate
Possible Causes:
1. The instrument panel is damaged;
2. The sensor is broken;
3. The driver board is broken.
1. Replace the dashboard;
2. Replace the sensor;
3. Replace the drive board.

(3)The running belt of the treadmill is slipping
Possible Causes:
1. The running belt is too loose;
2. The multi-groove belt of the treadmill is too loose.
1. Adjust the balance bolt at the back end of the running belt (turn it clockwise until it is reasonable);
2. Adjust the fixed position of the motor.

(4)There are noises during exercise
Possible Causes:
1. The space between the cover and the running belt is too small, causing friction between the cover and the running belt;
2. It may be caused by foreign bodies being caught between the running belt and the running board during exercise;
3. The running belt is severely skewed, causing friction with both sides of the running board;
4. Motor noise.
1. Correct or replace the cover;
2. Remove foreign objects;
3. Adjust the balance of the running belt;
4. Replace the motor.

(5)The treadmill cannot be started
Possible Causes:
1. Power failure;
2. The fuse is blown;
3. The switch of the electric treadmill is broken;
1. Please check the power supply;
2. Replace the fuse;
3. Replace the power switch.

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