Unexpected benefits of using a treadmill

Update:01 Jul 2022

Using a treadmill can effectively promote the burning of fat in our body. Since the treadmill is used indoors, it will not make people overheated and too cold, and it will not encounter rain, storm or snow, so there is no need to pay attention to traffic problems. Compared with road running, treadmills have many advantages, and these running goals can be completed indoors or even at home.
The benefits of using a Treadmill home fitness

1. Weight loss: 30~40 minutes
Since body fat starts to burn from half an hour to 45 minutes after moderate-intensity training, check time and speed when using the treadmill. It is best to set the time to 30-40 minutes. If you want to do other exercises, you can reduce the time, but try not to less than 20 minutes. Speed ​​settings vary by gender. 6.5 km/h for men and 5.5 km/h for women.

2. Exercise cardio: 5~9 incline 0%~10%
Call a sports medicine professional and decide if it's a good fit for you to exercise your heart. Then have him set a target heart rate for himself. When you're running, if you hit your target heart rate, don't come down either. Let's keep walking slowly for 25 to 35 minutes, reduce the speed to 5, and set the incline between 0% and 10%. Don't rush down when you're done with the entire workout. It is best to slow down for about 5 minutes before repairing.

3. Warm-up: The time is set within 5~10 minutes, and the speed does not exceed 8
Within 5-10 minutes, it is best not to warm up or relax for more than 8 minutes, especially when doing warm-up activities, it is best to run for 3-5 minutes at a time, 4 minutes. 5. Then drive at 8 speed for 2-3 minutes, and then 5 speed for 3-5 minutes. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption, and the slope can be anywhere from 0% to 4%.

4. Protect the feet from injury: The treadmill is better than the road, it is the shock absorption effect of the conveyor belt design. When you step on the road, the vibrations are reflected to your knees, back and other places. The shock-absorbing design of the conveyor belt only reduces part of the vibration intensity and reduces the stress on the knees and back from jogging.

5. Treadmill can improve everyone's limb coordination ability, but it can also effectively promote everyone's bone development. It is very effective for teenagers to exercise more on treadmills. At the same time, it is necessary to supplement the nutritional needs of the body, do not choose diet for weight loss exercises.

What can I do on a treadmill?

1. One-leg hops
Continue to alternately jump with the left foot and the right foot, and make a slow motion with the left foot and the right foot.

2. Walk lunges and squats
Set the speed of the treadmill, then follow the speed of the treadmill and do lunges.

3. Squat jump
Do a squat with your knees bent and jump up as soon as your hips touch the treadmill.

Conclusion: Treadmills have a lot of unexpected features. We can not only run on the treadmill, but also do some muscle training like pull-ups, climbers, box jumps to not only build the body but also lose their fat.