The effect of treadmill and how to exercise scientifically

Update:16 Oct 2020

To answer this question, the role and function of the treadmill is best to understand the benefits of running. I will put the detailed analysis of the benefits at the end for your reference. To put it simply, running is a full-body exercise, so that all parts of the body are exercised, especially the heart. Compared with outdoor exercise, there are many unique aspects of exercising on a treadmill. What are the functions and functions of the treadmill? Here is a guide to reducing fat on the treadmill. Today, the treadmill has become the most popular indoor fitness in the world. Equipment, in 1987, there were 4.4 million treadmill exercisers worldwide, and today there are 43 million users in the United States alone, an astonishing growth rate of nearly 10 times!

How to use  China Running Machines for fitness? A good running opportunity has a set of preset programs. When you are running, you can choose different exercise methods, such as "fat reduction mode" and "cardiopulmonary function mode" by simply inputting data as prompted , "Mountaineering Mode", "Random Mode", etc. Among them, the quick start mode can adjust the exercise intensity at any time.

The role and function of the treadmill is to choose the quick start mode: select the button of "fat reduction mode", the treadmill will be forced to run according to certain rules, because the beginners are not high in exercise ability, they are prone to danger and unnecessary burden; The quick start mode can adjust the exercise intensity at any time, which is very suitable for beginners.

The role and function of the treadmill pay attention to the position and posture of the body: stand in the middle of the running belt. Too far forward is easy to step on the base, too far to be easy to be thrown out, the result is not great; of course, don’t lean to the left Or to the right.

The role and function of the treadmill start with walking: warming up is very important, and the same is true for exercising on a treadmill. It is recommended to start with a 4-6 km/h walking and gradually transition to running. In addition, brisk walking will use more fat for energy, and the fat reduction effect is relatively better.

The role and function of the treadmill: something to eat before training: fasting exercise is likely to cause exercise-induced anemia. Drinking a glass of juice or eating a banana before exercise can make you physically active, but don’t eat junk food, such as fried doughnut.

The role and function of the treadmill slowly stop: Although you are striving to move forward, your body is always in place, which confuses your brain, so you may feel dizzy when you get off the treadmill, and gradually reduce the speed. This will happen.

Treadmill is a very ideal exercise equipment for weight loss. You can accurately grasp the speed, slope and time. Whether you are a novice or an experienced athlete, you can design a special exercise plan according to your exercise purpose.