The difference between treadmill and road running

Update:13 Aug 2021

Pay attention to running posture when running
Incorrect running posture will cause harm to body joints. This is the biggest drawback on the treadmill. In order to overcome it, some runners will run while holding the handrails again and again. In this way, your upper body can indeed be straight, but if this is the case, your running posture is still not correct. And holding the armrests will also weaken the exercise effect, especially the fat-reducing effect will be compromised.

Running on a indoor gym equipment will reduce unnecessary body shaking. The back thigh muscles and biceps femoris are more active, while the lateral femoral muscles and the anterolateral thigh muscles are relatively less active. However, the two running methods affect the calf muscles and buttocks. The exercise effect of the major muscles is very close.

Treadmill may be easier
Treadmills are theoretically more labor-saving than outdoor running. Different people and different stages of proficiency have different evaluations of treadmills. Some people think that treadmills are more labor-saving, while others say that treadmills are more labor-saving, but in theory it is true that treadmill exercise is more labor-saving, but this does not mean that the treadmill does not work. To exercise effect.

Pay attention to the air and weather when running outdoors
When exercising on an indoor treadmill, runners will not receive too much wind resistance in the air, and various interferences are much less, so when running at the same speed and intensity, the running opportunity is more labor-saving.

Because the indoor air conditioner can maintain a constant temperature, although the treadmill does not produce natural wind when running on the spot, it is still relatively comfortable; while there is wind during outdoor running, sweating in winter will not be uncomfortable, but it will be a bit tormented in summer.

Compared with outdoor running, machine running has another advantage, that is, it is convenient to master the pace. After setting the distance, you can run at a constant speed while listening to music. The whole process feels good, the consistency is great, and there is a lot of interference, so it is easier to stick to it every day.

The safety and experience of the two running methods are also different. The urban air is obvious to all. The indoor running avoids almost all dangers and emergencies, while the outdoor air is fresh and the scenery is good after rain, but it also faces changes in weather and road conditions. Problems such as good, wind resistance, vehicles, crowds, etc.