The difference between single-layer and double-layer treadmill running boards

Update:20 May 2022

First of all, explain what is a single-layer treadmill. As the name implies, the treadmill has only one layer, while the double-layer treadmill is designed for secondary processing on the basis of the single-layer treadmill.

Now there are many kinds of double-layer running machine on the market, some are hollow, and some are filled with cushions. We recommend choosing cushioned ones when purchasing. Although the price is slightly more expensive, it is better than cushioning and shock absorption. Hollow is much better.

Then the function of the single-layer running board and the double-layer running board, in addition to the function of buffering and shock absorption, the double-layer running board is also better in terms of sound insulation, and because of the use of two-layer running boards, it makes running during running. stability is better. It is mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

1. The double-layer treadmill generally adds the function of spring and airbag. The function of adding this is to make people feel more comfortable running on the treadmill, just like running on the beach. For example, you put a running board on the ground, run on it, and then you put some air-filled or thickened air cushions under the running board, and then run on the running board. The comparison between the two is clear at a glance.

2. The double-layer treadmill can effectively relieve the impact of your exercise when you run on the treadmill, thereby reducing the bone damage of the legs and knees, so as to avoid contusion of the leg joints after you finish running. condition.

3. Bilayer treadmills are very good in terms of shock absorption and noise. Because it uses the function of the airbag to minimize the sound of the running belt and the running board during running, the double-layer treadmill is the most suitable for home use.

4. Compared with the single-layer treadmill, the weight of the single-layer treadmill is half stronger. Everyone should understand this truth. So if your weight is heavier, you can choose a double-layer treadmill.

Although the price of a treadmill with a double-layer running board is relatively expensive, it is only two or three hundred different. Therefore, if you want to use the treadmill stably and safely for a long time, it is recommended that you do not be greedy and suffer big losses, and you can choose a double-layered treadmill. Running boards are better.