The benefits and classification of home treadmills

Update:10 Oct 2020

The home treadmill is a scientific, convenient and effective indoor fitness equipment. It originated in Europe and the United States, but in China, where the economy has risen in recent years, when the people’s living standards have reached a certain level, home treadmills have begun to enter families and communities, and there is an accelerated trend.

People's awareness of health and the pursuit of a higher quality of life have resulted in a well-designed, cost-effective, practical and effective home treadmill that has emerged and is well received by the people.

Classified by purpose:

Home treadmills are divided into commercial and home use, and light commercial ones are also subdivided. Commercial ones are generally used in professionally used places such as gyms, clubs, star hotels, etc. Household ones are generally used in homes and small community clubs and other occasions with low frequency of use and general carrying capacity. The light business is somewhere in between. It is used in the unit gymnasium and the larger community configuration. It can not only meet the use requirements but also control the cost budget, which is more economical and practical.

Classified by driving power:

1. The mechanical treadmill relies on the friction between the runner's foot and the running belt to run. Simply put, the electric treadmill relies on the motor to drive the running belt.
2. An electric treadmill is a higher-end equipment for gyms and families. It drives a running belt through a motor to make people run or walk passively at different speeds. Due to the passive formation of running and walking, from the appearance of the action, it is almost the same as running or walking on the ground, but from the perspective of human strength, running and walking on an electric treadmill saves a stretch action. It is this point that makes every person who walks and runs on an electric treadmill feel very relaxed. It can make people run about 1/3 more than ordinary running, and consume more energy than ordinary walking and running. In addition, because the electronic auxiliary equipment on the electric treadmill has many functions, you can experience different running environments, such as flat running, uphill running, hill running, variable speed running, etc. You can choose according to your exercise purpose.

Classified by function:

1. China Treadmill Home Fitness are divided into two types in terms of structure, one is roller treadmill, and the other is flat treadmill. The roller treadmill is very noisy when it works and has been eliminated. Flat treadmills are exercised on the initiative by people, so it makes people feel like ordinary running. Its electronic watch can help trainers record speed, time, heart rate, calories, beat, distance and other indicators. Allows you to know your training situation at any time and make purposeful adjustments.
2. The multifunctional treadmill is a combination of treadmills, rowing machines, horizontal exercise bikes, vertical exercise bikes, relaxation machines, waist spinners and other functional equipment. It is loved by some people for its more functions and less area. . Its exercise method is the same as that of an ordinary treadmill, but in terms of the comfortable, convenient, and accurate technical movements that a fitness machine should have, the multifunctional treadmill has certain defects.

Basic Features:

1. Easy aerobic exercise at home, no need to go outdoors to be restricted by weather, traffic, exhaust and other environmental restrictions
2. With one machine in hand, the whole family participates, and the concept of health can be implemented and continued.
3. Insist on using a treadmill to exercise at home, which can effectively improve cardiopulmonary function and enhance the strength and coordination of limbs.
4. It is the most effective and timely consumption of excess calories in the human body, enhances blood circulation, and reduces the three highs. The effect is obvious.
5. For women, adhering to the treadmill exercise can indeed shape and beautify the body, and diet can help to lose weight and beautiful legs.
6. Persisting in exercise can be physically and mentally happy, reduce stress, cultivate one's body, and integrate family relationships.
7. The price of home treadmills is relatively low, generally the price of a mid-range mobile phone, but many are equipped with massage heads and waist twisters.