Recommended home fitness equipment that can exercise at home anytime

Update:08 Jul 2022

With the improvement of living standards, people's health awareness is getting higher and higher. The convenience of home fitness equipment is also becoming more and more popular. Buy some gym equipment and keep it at home so you can work out anytime, let alone on vacation. So, what are the recommended home fitness equipment that can be exercised at home at any time? Let's take a look at which of Hanchen's fitness equipment is more suitable.

1. folding treadmill
Treadmill is the "darling" of home fitness equipment. It is not only aerobic fitness equipment, but also a full-body exercise fitness equipment. It makes running easier and easier, but patients with arthritis or joint artificial changes should be used with caution in patients with osteoporosis.

2. Elliptical machine
The knee injury is small, and the muscles of the upper and lower limbs can be moved at the same time, especially the feet and buttocks. It is especially popular with young women and is suitable for rehabilitation treatment and postpartum rehabilitation training.

3. Exercise bike
Exercise bikes are good fitness equipment for overcoming heart function problems, and can be divided into vertical exercise bikes and horizontal exercise bikes. It is suitable for white-collar workers who sit in the office for a long time, patients with inconvenience in walking, poor physical fitness, and poor rehabilitation treatment.

4, rowing machine
Mainly used to improve the energy and movement coordination of the arm. Each telescoping and arm rowing motion of the rowing machine can involve about 90% of the telescopic muscles in the movement, which is suitable for groups with less daily activities, especially the middle-aged and elderly.

5. Rhythm motivation
It can easily improve the body's self-healing ability and resist the diseased life. It is a natural, safe, effective and fast exercise method. Its exercise simulates flight, according to the top-down, from the inside to the outside to achieve the effect of whole body exercise, with health care , rehabilitation training, growth and development, fitness exercise and fitness five functions, widely used.

6. Spinning bike
The key to the exercise position is the thighs. The muscles of the buttocks, waist, back, and arms can be adequately worked in foot-centered exercises, but should be used with caution in knee injuries, lumbar pain, and the elderly.

7. Abdominal plank
The abdominal muscle board is a fitness product with a variety of training methods, which can be used for push-ups, back exercises, supine leg lifts and other training methods. It is a mainstream home fitness equipment to improve the energy and elasticity of the psoas and abdominal muscles.