Outdoor fitness equipment must be rainproof

Update:14 Oct 2021

Outdoor fitness equipment also has another name, called outdoor path. Install fixed equipment and facilities outdoors for people to exercise. When the rainy season is frequent, the equipment needs to take measures to avoid rain to allow it to be used normally.

1. When affected by the weather environment, in rainy days, the passenger flow of outdoor fitness equipment will decrease, and the equipment will be damaged due to rain. Let us first understand the impact of equipment after the rain:

Soaking in the rain for a long time may cause water corrosion of outdoor entertainment equipment and cause the equipment to rust.
If the motor of the outdoor fitness equipment is soaked by rain, the motor cannot be used and the equipment cannot be started at the same time.
We need to add lubricating oil to the bearings of the equipment, so that the new entertainment equipment can run smoothly, but if it gets wet by rain, it will cause the lubricating oil to fail.

2. Maintenance measures:
1. If outdoor fitness equipment is soaked in rainwater, drain the water in the equipment and dry it to avoid water corrosion.
2. Check that the spare parts in the equipment are normal, and then we can reuse the equipment.
In summary, we know that outdoor fitness equipment should take measures to avoid rain, which can help users better use the equipment.