How to maintain the treadmill

Update:03 Jun 2022

Make sure the treadmill machine is placed on a firm and level surface. Adjust the treadmill's foot pad (the rubber pad in contact with the ground) so that it is as close to a horizontal position as possible, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the motor and running belt. Place a special pad for treadmills under the machine. If you want to reduce the impact of noise on the neighbors downstairs, you can also put a carpet on it (Does the treadmill really disturb the people? Learn more). In addition to reducing the impact of vibration on the treadmill, it is also convenient to clean the dust under the treadmill and protect the floor.

clean dust
When we run, sweat drips on the running belt, which is easy to breed bacteria, and it may cause iron parts to rust after a period of time. Not only does this make the treadmill look dirty, it can damage other parts of the treadmill over time. Therefore, it is extremely important to wipe down the treadmill after use. Reminder: Dampen the cloth/towel with clean tap water, wring it dry before wiping.
After wiping, clear the debris around and below the treadmill to avoid dust accumulation. Dust will increase the load on the motor, and it is easy to heat up or even burn the motor. Note that when cleaning under the treadmill, make sure the power is disconnected. If the treadmill is not used for a long time, it is recommended to fold it up, and then cover it with a cover after the treadmill cools down, so that the dustproof effect is better.

Lubricate regularly
Every 2-3 months, add some lubricating oil to the running belt. This can reduce the friction between the running belt and other parts, reduce the load of the running belt on the motor, and prolong the service life of the treadmill. Some treadmills on the market are equipped with an automatic refueling system. Please confirm with the manufacturer how long the lubricating oil in the refueling system can last, and whether it can be added manually after use to ensure regular lubrication. This is a simple, yet very important way to keep your treadmill running at peak performance.

center running belt
Make sure the walking belt is centered and not scratching the trim strips or covers (motor cover and tailgate). Although all manufacturers will adjust the running belt to the center position before leaving the factory, if the running belt is biased or the ground is uneven, it will also cause the running belt to deviate. Reminder: The adjustment method of the running belt position is generally mentioned in the manual. If not, please consult the manufacturer.
After a while, you need to check the belt and board. If the running belt is a little worn, don't worry, it may just be the damage left by the soles and running belts rubbing for a long time. In general, it can continue to be used.