How to choose a treadmill that suits you?

Update:27 Jul 2021

1. When choosing a treadmill, the first consideration should be the size of the unfolded machine. You have to consider how much space you have to place the machine, and you need a moderate space around the treadmill to ensure the smooth movement. Things or other things. There is also the folded size, which can guarantee that it will not take up more space when not in use.

2. The second function is to consider the quality and safety of the treadmill. Generally speaking, it is better to choose a more well-known brand. After all, well-known brands have good quality and safety guarantees and perfect after-sales service. Can save us a lot of worries.

3. Then what needs to be considered is whether the power of the treadmill meets the needs of the user. Generally, people of different body types and weights need treadmills with different powers. Generally speaking, people who weigh less than 100KG can choose a home treadmill of 1.0~2.5HP to meet the needs of exercise, such as (Effitte FP-90001 and FP-90352, these two machines are 1.75HP motors, power It can fully meet the users of this weight range), people above 100KG need to consider 2.5HP or more power commercial machines.

4. The area of ​​the running belt. Under normal circumstances, the effective area must be at least 1100*350mm. Depending on the height of different people, the required running area is also different. Of course, the larger the area, the safer, but the relative price is also higher. In fact, most people choose the best running area around 1300*400mm. Elderly people who choose treadmills generally need to consider a longer and wider running area to prevent falling during exercise.

5. The next thing you need to consider is the price. See if the price of the treadmill is within your budget.

6. The speed range of the treadmill, people walk at about 6km/h, and the speed of running training is about 7-12km/h, so buying a machine with a speed range of 0-14km/h is enough for ordinary people to use. But if you need to increase exercise and challenge a higher speed, you can choose a machine with a greater power speed of 14km/h or more.

7. Shock absorption system, when running, one foot is in contact with the treadmill, and the pressure is higher. It will have an impact on human joints, bones, brain and other parts. If there is no better shock absorption system, it will easily cause sports injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a treadmill with better shock absorption function and in line with bionic kinematics. Now general treadmills use rubber column shock absorption or spring shock absorption system.

8. The function of the treadmill. Now the general electric running has the function of displaying speed, kilometers, calories and heart rate. What's more, it is equipped with a multi-functional treadmill, such as slope adjustment, waist twisting, sit-ups, massage and so on. These Treadmill home fitness with multifunctional parts are generally more suitable for families with people of different ages.

9. The built-in program of the treadmill. Many people use the treadmill to directly accelerate and decelerate. Although this mode is suitable for different people, many treadmills have built-in training programs. These programs are designed after many tests. Yes, it conforms to the laws of science and allows users to get more scientific exercises.