Five common mistakes in running habits

Update:24 May 2022

1. Breathing too shallowly: Breathing with a steady rhythm and ease can improve your athletic performance. Please remember to take a deep breath when running. It is recommended to inhale through the nose, inhale to the abdomen and exhale slowly through the mouth.

2. The feet are lifted too high off the ground: the impact force generated by our body is very large each time we take a step, so if we lift the foot high with each step, the impact force of the knees and ankles will also increase relatively, so long-distance running This impact force must be minimized. It is recommended that you just lift your feet easily when running and slide it very close to the ground.

3. The whole body swings too much: running is a straight-forward movement, so too much swinging up and down will only waste your energy, and of course it will quickly fatigue your muscles, causing discomfort in your feet and affecting your running. performance and mood.

4. Shoes are too tight: Shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment in running. An important rule of thumb for choosing the right shoes is to prefer one size larger than one smaller.

5. Running too fast at the beginning of running: whether it is practice or competition, running too fast at the beginning will make your body unable to do effective energy regulation, causing the body to quickly reach muscle fatigue and soreness. It is suggested that gradually increasing the running speed will give the body sufficient time to warm up, reduce sports injuries, avoid muscle soreness at that time and the next day, and also allow the body to more effectively utilize the energy of fat to achieve the effect of body sculpting.

No matter what you do, you should focus on efficiency. Only in the most effective way can you have the opportunity to directly reach the successful destination.
Therefore, if you like running, you should also use a scientific method to improve the efficiency and correct the above 5 wrong running habits, so that you can really get more things in this sport.

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