Home fitness equipment sales ushered in a skyrocketing

Update:20 May 2020

"The weather is getting hotter, outdoor sports consume too much for the human body, and indoor fitness equipment is relatively more suitable for summer fitness." A citizen who is buying a treadmill in a shopping mall told reporters that after comparison, he felt that the price of the treadmill was moderate and It doesn't take up space. Going home from work and running after work is good for your health.

According to the introduction of the merchants, the current treadmills with the price of 3,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan are the best sellers. On the one hand, the summer weather is hot, and some fitness enthusiasts find it too troublesome to go to the gym, so they purchase treadmills to exercise at home; on the other hand, many systems of current treadmills have been optimized, such as the improvement of the shock absorption system for people It is safer, more comfortable, and more user-friendly.