DPAO home treadmill, leading a new wave of industry intelligence

Update:31 Jan 2020

There are many options for home treadmills on the market today. Whether it is an imported treadmill or a domestic treadmill, there are countless brands of products. DPAO home treadmill stands out among all treadmill brands. With the front-end research and development technology and high-quality manufacturing technology, it has led the wave of intelligentization in the fitness equipment industry.
Many people talk about "artificial intelligence". With the popularization and upgrading of artificial intelligence, as a category that needs to be continuously updated, the change of the direction of intelligence is imperative. So DPAO home treadmill began a new round of transformation and innovation in the following two aspects.

1. Intelligent system, scientific fitness
Knowing yourself better than you is, this is the best interpretation of the "intelligence" of the DPAO home treadmill. The cloud running home treadmill has newly developed an interactive system, which can push the best professional fitness program to the user periodically according to the user's physical data and fitness data. At the same time, the online video courses of the DPAO home treadmill will also diversify the overall course through the portrait of the crowd. It contains fat burning courses, decompression courses, student physical training and other content to help users achieve the most ideal fitness state.
2. Intelligent shock absorption to protect joints
People who have experience in running should know that the ground will give the runner a certain amount of back impact when running. This requires that the home treadmill has a super shock absorption system to reduce the damage of the reverse impact to the knee, ankle and other parts.

While artificial intelligence penetrates into mobile devices, computers, household appliances and other products, the cloud running home treadmill takes the lead in building smart home treadmill products based on the fitness needs of global fitness enthusiasts, so that the product design is not only more suitable for home Demand has become the best partner for users' scientific fitness and intelligent fitness.