Common faults and troubleshooting of treadmills

Update:17 Jun 2022

unstable speed
When we run on the treadmill, if the speed feels uneven, fast and slow, then there may be a problem with the treadmill. First, look at the manual to see if there is any indication of the best exercise speed. If so, please adjust to this speed. If not, please adjust it according to your usual running speed. Let the treadmill idle for a few minutes, without people standing on it, and observe whether the running belt is damaged and other parts are scratched during the operation. If so, replace the walking belt. If the speed is still unstable after changing the belt, and the treadmill stops running, there may be a motor or circuit failure.

running belt slips
When the belt feels a little slippery while running, we should stop and check the machine. First, center and properly tighten the belt as instructed in the manufacturer's instructions. Slippage can also occur when the belt has too much friction or is adjusted too tightly. To check the tightness of the walking belt, unplug the power and wait for the walking belt to come to a complete stop. Put your hands in from the middle of the running belt and lift it up. If the edge of the running belt can lift 5-7cm, the tightness is appropriate.

The meter has no display
When there is a problem with the meter, it often takes only a small action to solve it. Check whether the power cord is damaged, whether the plug is deformed, and whether the battery is exhausted (the instrument of the magnetic controlled treadmill or mechanical treadmill needs to be equipped with a battery), and replace it in time. The change of the data (speed) of the treadmill meter is sensed and communicated by the magnet (Magnet) installed on the flywheel. If the magnet is dropped or broken, the data will not change. If the magnet is normal, it is also possible that the speed sensor plug is not plugged in properly, unplug the power supply, re-plug the sensor wire and try again.
burnt taste
If you smell a burning smell, the problem can be serious or small. Immediately stop the Treadmill home fitness and unplug the power cord. This may be caused by the friction between the running board and its contact surface, and the short circuit of electrical devices (motors, wires, etc.). In this case, please contact a professional for maintenance immediately, otherwise it may cause a fire.

Motor does not run
Repairing a motor often costs a lot of money. Can't slow down, can't adjust, horsepower drops, poor running, etc. all need to replace a new motor. When the motor is running at full speed, the circuit is easy to burn out, and it is easy to bring safety hazards. Motor problems are difficult to repair, it is recommended to ask a professional to replace the motor directly.

Treadmills will encounter various problems during use, and some problems may need to be solved by replacing new accessories. When you encounter a problem and want to solve it, you first need to consider your own safety, and then try to avoid secondary damage to the treadmill. It is recommended that you try not to solve the problem by yourself when you are not sure about the cause. It is best to ask the manufacturer's after-sales personnel or engineers to check and repair under their guidance.